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Mr&Mrs John

So here comes the last wedding post and a short story of this photoshoot. We decided to have the creative couple photoshoot one day after the wedding, so that there is no rush and we can take the photos at the golden hour but exactly on that day it started to rain cats and dogs and it had to be cancelled.  One month later it turned out we have to travel to Hungary so I asked our photographer if we could organise the shooting at her town. This is how we ended up in this beautiful place, Orfu.

As I told you there is one more thing my husband did`t know about me when we met, and that is my passion for horses and horseriding.  My wish was to have some wedding photos with a horse and Niki, our photographer made this dream come true. She arranged the photoshoot at a horse ranch...


Photos by Mehn Niki

Tuxedo: Dolce&Gabbana
Wedding dress: Rosa Clara
Earring: Swarowski