Watching figure ice skating on TV is one thing but seeing it live is fantastic.
I was invited to the Petit Gala on ice concluding the 3-day figure ice-skating competition “Coupe du Printemps” by Katzard, who gave me these funky pair of skates for the event.


Since the idea of rocking a pair of converse-styled skates is already “out-of -the- box” I decided to match it up with ripped jeans and checked shirt, with visible shades of pink, casually tied around my waist. I bought the ice crystals shaped statement necklace from a young Hungarian designer The Sab, specially for this occasion. I chose pink striped socks to make the look even more hip.
Skates – Katzard/Tempish
Necklace – The Sab
Jeans – Tally Weijl
Shirt – H&M
Pullover – Zara
Jacket – Benetton
What do you think about this outfit?
How do you find this photo gallery solution?

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