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That`s it! My makeup purse! Would you believe it?

I am very minimalistic when it comes to makeup and that`s because I am completely lost when I enter a makeup store. The variety they have can just scare me away and many times I end up buying nothing or another nail polish (oh yeah, the nail polish story is different…but let`s come back to that another time).

Recently I found some good beauty blogs from where I take inspiration and I just go to the store to buy that product that I found interesting from the reviews. Thank you girls! You don`t even imagine how much you help people like me!

So let`s go through my purse, I have

–  3 lipsticks: a peach, a rose and a red
-> Coco Chanel/ Coco Shine Liberté
-> Estee Lauder/ Pink Parfait Shimmer (this one was part of a goodie bag I received from Paris 8 Haute Parfumerie and I use it really often as I love natural and modest colors)
-> Giorgio Armani/ #400 (this one was also part of a goodie bag and I would have never tried it on if I see it in a shop as I was kind of scared of darker lipsticks… I had the impression that they make women look older…. but when I tried this strong red colour I realised that it actually looks good on me and emphasises the shape of my lips).


But I have a lot of Labello, I keep one in each handbag!


– 1 mascara: Bourjois Volume Glamour (noir eben) – I like mascara with small head, I can work with them better (I used to have Maybelline Great Lash but as I can`t find it anymore this one seemed to be the best replacement so far)



– I don`t use foundation and poudre, just a a BB cream : Thalgo/ Perfect Glow Naturel – this was suggested by my cosmetician, I am satisfied with this cream but I would like to try Estee Lauder BB cream as well, as most of my face cleaning products are EL.



– 1 eyeliner: Bourjois Liner Feutre (black) – I am not so happy with this one as it takes too long to dry creating a double line on my eyelid. Do you have any other suggestion, preferably waterproof?

– 3 eyepencils:
black, silver- Bourjois
purple -Miss Sporty Mini-me

– eyeshadow: I asked my finance to buy me a Victora`s Secret Jet Setter Portable Makeup Kit when he went to the US, this set is very practical and meets all my needs with its 30 shades ( the colours I use the most time are the pink-violet-purple and bronze-brown shades or grey when I want to go for smoky)
PS: he was the only guy in the shop…lol


Apart from this kit I have two creamy eyeshadows:
purple is Catrice Made to Stay (Mauvie Star) and a bronze Maybelline Color Tatoo 24 hr

I really like the Nude collection as well and I am thinking about buying one so that I can alter it with VS shades. I really love to wear natural makeup.

– makeup brushes:
Now,  this is the part that I really have no clue about… they are so nice and pampering and there are a lots of them!
I have an Avon eyeshadow brush that I received as a gift long time ago, this one I use every day.
I bought recently a 3 in 1 brush at Sephora containing a liner, a smudge and a crease brush. It looks so practical and cool but I don`t use them too often.
Finally I have a Rotative Retractable blush brush – I love that I can swirl it back into its case like a lipstick.



Voilà…my ready for travel makeup purse!  Believe  me or not, I prepare my makeup only with these tools. It`s not like I travel that often but when I do, packing my clothes usually consumes a lot of time so it`s good to know that I will not need to worry about packing my makeup. 🙂



What does your makeup purse contain?