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Winter Skirt


It`s not easy to find a warm skirt for winter, is it?

I fall in love with this ethnic pattern long skirt from Zara, which is not only warm but also brings  vividness to the foggy winter days. 
I combined it with a soft white pullover and a wool mini jacket and believe me I did`t feel cold at all…okay, it was just 3°C. 

When typing the below outfit items, I realized I was wearing Zara from top to toe, but it is  good example how you can combine an outfit just  by mixing the different items of the same brand:

Skirt- Zara Women
Pullover – Z. Knit
Jacket- Z. TRF
Shoes – Z. TRF
Belt – Z. Accessories
Bag  – Promod 

Nail polish – Bobby Brown (Xmas edition)

What do you think about this outfit?
Do you like to wear skirts during winter?