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Blogger meeting @Chocolate House

Sweater: Zara/ Jeans: Mango / Sneakes: New Balance / Bag: Promod / Necklace: P…S…Fashion
It was a very nice day for another blogger_lu meeting in the Chocolate House. Okay, the weather was too hot for a hot chocolate, but we didn`t know, that we will have a warm and sunny Saturday. The Chocolate House was full as always but they were nice to accept our reservation, so we had our own blogger corner. If I drank a hot chocolate it would have been the chilly flavour – my favourite one – but this time I choose their cappuccino. I decided to wearsomething casual like jeans&sweater&sneakers, as we met in the afternoon this time. After the meeting we took some photos with Imena

It was nice to meet you all again,  à la prochaine!